Residential Guidance for Boys





Over the years we have received numerous compliments about the Valley View program and students’ experiences here. We have collected a few below to share with you:






“We have seen so many changes in Josh since attending Valley View. He is no longer frustrated, angry, and lost. He now has an eagerness to learn new things, and a willingness to cooperate with teachers and adults. He’s also so much more reasonable when he’s home for vacation. It was an agonizing time for us when we first brought him to you two years ago. God bless you for giving us the boy we used to know back to us.”


IMG_0149“You have developed a gem of a program there – a gem that has saved my son’s (and countless other boys’) lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication, wisdom and caring.”


“He deals with his anger and frustrations so much better, and as a result of all this he feels better about himself – you did this, you changed the direction of a young man’s life.”


“My son is making tremendous positive changes in his life – we see an improvement that is almost overwhelming to believe at times.”


“We sent a boy who was lost and desperately seeking help academically, emotionally, and socially and it took the WILL and DETERMINATION of many of you to mold a boy to the caring, respected and grown-up young man he is today.”


“I remember very well the deep sense of fear and despair when I first brought my son to Valley View School a couple of years ago. Since then, our son has grown as a person, learning to respect others, to be an advocate for himself, to work hard, to study, to be compassionate, and most importantly, to like himself and want to succeed, not just in school, but in life.”




Students – While Enrolled


“Since being at Valley View my parents have started to look better and better. Either they’ve changed or I have.”


“I used to hate school but I think this one is okay.”


“I’m not exactly thrilled about being here and I miss my mother and father and brothers; but I have to admit I have made good friends and I like a lot of the stuff they make us do.”



“When we first went down in the cave and started squeezing through this real tight place with a belly crawl I almost quit but I kept on going and when we finished I felt awesome.”


“The math teacher is strict as hell but I like that class the best and I like her because she’s fair and teaches it in a way I can understand.”


“I think I’ve matured a lot in the last 6 or 8 months. I think about what I’m saying before I start yelling something out.”


“Besides learning a lot about the government and different museums in Washington (a one week school trip) I learned how to cook blueberry pancakes that everybody said were excellent.”


“This is the 4th school I’ve been in but it’s the first one where teachers act like people.”


“Jerry said the deep-sea fishing trip would be worth doing but I never expected to catch eight fish (2 cod and 6 haddock). Also we saw some porpoises and a huge sea turtle.”


“My feet were killing me but I figured if David could do it then I could too.”


“I never read a book to the end until I came here. I finished three this summer and I’m starting on a new one.”


“We rode 100 miles in one day. Before that the most I ever rode was twenty-five. I can’t believe I did a hundred.”




Students – After Graduation


“Out of the six colleges I applied to, I was accepted into five, including my first choice. I definitely feel like I am in control of my life, more now than ever before. I still haven’t figure out exactly what you did, or how you did it, but whatever it was, it certainly worked!”


“In looking back at my time at Valley View, I realized that the school didn’t change who I was, but gave me the ability to control who I was – that is what I am eternally grateful for.”






“Your wonderful reputation is well deserved – everything we’ve experienced at Valley View School gives me confidence that you do a fine job with your students.”


1308268400193 “During my most recent visit to your campus, I was reminded once again how thrilled I have been over many years to be able to refer confidently youngsters who benefit from the schooling and personal growth experiences at Valley View.”


“You have created an exceptional program for a needy group of students – thank you so much!”


“Your commitment to troubled boys has been the glue in the special needs community.”