Residential Guidance for Boys


Welcome, Carol Goodrow, to our Education Team

Valley View School is pleased to announce that Carol Goodrow has joined our educational team.  Carol is a licensed teacher for children with special needs and learning differences (K-12).  She earned a master’s degree in special education and completed most of the coursework for a Ph.D.  Carol is an expert in dyslexia and dyscalculia and has extensive experience in helping struggling learners become the best students they can be.  She was trained in the Gillingham method and is completing her certification in the Wilson method of teaching.


Carol brings an intensity and enthusiasm to her work that is truly amazing.  Whether she is consulting with a teacher, reviewing psychological/academic testing or tutoring students who are struggling, she has quickly become a major asset to Valley View School.


As one of her former colleagues remarked, “Carol has a comprehensive understanding of special education and learning issues.  She can improve anyone’s academic performance and can teach anyone to read.  You are lucky to have her.”  Dr. Nowak, Executive President, added, “It is only three weeks into her tenure at Valley View and we completely agree.”