Residential Guidance for Boys


Snowmageddon March 2017


Snowmageddon 2017 has arrived! Today has been quite the experience for the boys at Valley View. We have been experiencing blizzard conditions all day. Fortunately for us we have not lost power and we have been able to have a normal school day. All of the amazing teachers braved the wind, snow and difficult driving conditions to make it in today. Most of us will be here well into the night before we can attempt to drive home. Because it is impossible to drive our vans in this snow, the boys and all the teachers have walked up and down our hill twice in this blizzard. There was a lot of laughter and disbelief from the students when we walked up the hill for lunch. They could not believe how hard it was snowing. Upon entering the dining room, I heard several students exclaim “that was awesome!” I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 18 years, and I have never seen wind and snow like today. All the boys are doing well, they are safe, they are warm (except when outside), and they are having an experience they won’t forget anytime soon.


That is the update from Snowmageddon 2017…