Residential Guidance for Boys



Out with one season and onto a new one. Personally, I am happy that by the time the boys return from the upcoming break, winter will officially be over. With current projections, winter does not seem to be loosening its grip on us just yet. The forecast is calling for over a foot of snow Tuesday. In the spirit of winter, we were happy to host our winter sports banquet on Sunday. The boys wore their Sunday best and congregated in our dining room to reflect on the basketball season and receive certificates, pins and trophies. The opportunity to participate on a team, compete against other schools, travel to play an opponent, and to grow together throughout the season, is an amazing opportunity for our students. This is another avenue for growth, maturity, resilience, teamwork and most of all fun.


Just as fast as basketball season approached and is now over, we now turn our attention to the spring sports of golf and tennis. Spring is my kind of season. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and best of all golf season is here! My newest sports obsession in the past few years is golf. I’ve played more golf in the past three years than I had in all my years previously. I am happy to bring my passion and love for the game to the students as their golf coach. With our small population, we struggle to find wins during a season but I can tell you we have a good time, and the boys learn a lot and improve significantly during a season. In addition to golf, we have tennis during the spring as well. Every year when the boys return from break, they are out on our tennis courts each day after school. Tennis is widely popular and I anticipate it will be again this year.


Please have a safe and enjoyable spring break.  Remember your son can set the table for dinner, can help wash dishes, can clean his room, can take out the trash, does not need a phone (all the time), can live without playing video games 12 hours a day, and so on and so on…  We see them do well with us in so my ways and we hope that they can show you all the progress they are making here while they are home the next couple of weeks.


See you in April!!