Residential Guidance for Boys


Rick’s Corner 7/19/17

We are excited to have the summer program in full swing. Our students will be incredibly busy and active, exposed to new and interesting topics, and they will hopefully enjoy all that we have planned for them.


1st period each morning there is a class that will rotate each week for 5 weeks. The one week classes are: Astronomy, 3D Design, Art, Soccer Skills, and Sports on the Courts.


2nd period is the summer sign up class. The classes we are offering this summer are: Comic Creations, Cooking with Lisa, History of Baseball, Abandoned and Creepy, and Nature Photography. The students are in the class that they chose for the whole summer.


3rd period is our active period. Students are participating in badminton, tennis, basketball, yoga, weight room, hiking and more. We also began a “Star Wars Workout”. Students watch Star Wars and do exercises when certain key phases come up or certain things happen. Here are a couple of examples: When a lightsaber is turned on or off, the students have to do 5 jumping jacks. When anyone says “Jedi”, the students have to do 5 squats. Whenever R2D2 beeps, the students have to do 5 pushups. My favorite is, when someone loses a limb, the students have to stretch that limb. I came up with the concept while we were all talking at the breakfast table. We all had a good laugh but then thought this could really work. Ryan (our history teacher extraordinaire) and some of the students (including Jake G. our Star Wars aficionado) helped create the workout that includes around 20 Star Wars references and exercises.


After lunch each day we have a one hour reading class. Each student will work toward their summer reading goal within our Accelerated Reading program. After that goal is met, students will continue to read during the summer. Additional points beyond the designated amount for the student can be banked and used toward their requirements during the school year. We also have many of our students doing math during this period on designated days.


The final period of the day is our traditional sign up period similar to what we do during the school year. There are a wide variety of options that vary throughout the week. This period takes place at the end of the school day from 2:30-3:30.


We have a wide variety of field trips planned in addition to the daily summer schedule. We will be heading into Boston to visit the Science Museum, Aquarium, Museum of Fine Arts, the Skywalk at the top of the Prudential Building, taking a Boston Harbor cruise, a guided tour of Fenway Park, weekly mountain hikes, minor league baseball games and much more.


We have 5 new students that have joined us so far this summer. We are happy to have them here with us.


I am eager to share all of our adventures this summer in our weekly newsletter.


Rick M