Residential Guidance for Boys


Rick’s Corner 5/03/17

Our jobs can be stressful and demanding at times, so I like to try to keep things loose around here. Everything I do here with both the students and the staff is relationship based because it all starts there when you are trying to create a positive environment. With all the planning for Parent’s Weekend and stress that comes along with it, I thought I’d try to provide a laugh for everyone so I sent out this memo to all the staff at the school Monday:


Just a reminder that today is “National Principal’s Day”! 
I will accept late gifts (nothing past tomorrow at 3:30), pats on the back, candy, gift cards, high fives, gift certificates, fruit baskets, Mountain Dew, golf balls, hair club for men membership, or I’ll leave it to your imagination how you want to recognize me.
Thank you in advance!
And thank you for thinking of me!
There is a Principal Appreciation Month coming up in October (fortunately there are 31 days in October!). I thought I’d let you know now so you can start planning.
You guys are the best!!!

After my not so subtle reminder (knowing no one even knew there was a national principal’s day), Tom, Brendan, Diane and Michelle showered me with gifts after lunch. They made me a nice card, and gave me a Valley View tie and Valley View paper weight. We all had a good laugh. Meredith Oliver (our English teacher) also wrote me a very thoughtful card and bought me a Mountain Dew! Sandra (our Spanish teacher) had all the boys in her class sign a card for me with a nice message. She also gave me a Mountain Dew! I had no idea a little joke would turn into a real nice thing for me. I can’t wait for October!! 🙂
I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many hard working, caring people that make my job enjoyable.


We look forward to seeing everyone that can make it this upcoming weekend. The teachers and I will be here on Saturday and Sunday. I have been keeping a close eye on the weather and praying to the weather gods for clear skies. It was 90 degrees Saturday and did not get out of the 50’s yesterday, so you never know what the New England weather will give you in May. Safe travels and we will see you soon!!


Rick May