Residential Guidance for Boys



Outdoor PE in February??  Winter in New England can be long, dark and cold.  I like to tell the kids when they complain of the cold, that it builds character. (Even though I might complain of the cold more than anyone.  Give me a break though, I am originally from Florida!)  There are times in February when high temperatures do not even reach double digits!  Today was an anomaly and the temperature soared to 65 degrees.  With opportunity shining right in our face, we took advantage and had PE classes outdoors.  The boys were excited to shed their winter jackets for a day and put on a short sleeved shirt and some shorts.  While one of our multipurpose courts still has our ice skating rink on it, due to the warm temperatures we were happy to have full access to our other court.  We quickly shoveled away a small “iceberg” of snow that somehow managed to still stay intact and quickly a variety of games began.  Some of the boys played basketball, others played catch with the frisbee, while a small group played catch with the football.  It was so nice to look out and see boys being boys.  

The 3rd quarter mid-term is upon us already.  Overall, I feel like this has been a strong start to the second half of the school year.  The students and the teachers are hitting their stride, and the school day is running on all cylinders.  Teachers will work on writing reports next week and grades will go out the following week.  

My experience working with Dr. Nowak this week has been one of absolute pleasure.  He is present at the meals and interactive with the students.  He is consuming a ton of information, collaborating with all of the staff members and being incredibly productive.  This is very inspiring to me and everyone else.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings. 

– Rick May