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Fundraising is an integral part of any non-profit organization.  Donations have an immediate and direct benefit to each student, family and staff member.  Valley View School has been able to provide therapeutic services and develop programs to support students and families through fundraising activities.  In addition to our Development Campaign, donations are accepted throughout the year to our Annual Fund and Endowment Fund. 


Our past campaigns have been essential in supporting and enhancing programs and facilities.  Donations have enabled us to install tennis and basketball courts, create an outdoor picnic area, improve technology, support classroom projects, enhance the arts, and supply equipment for our community service program.


Valley View’s last campaigns centered on rebuilding after a devastating fire in 2013 that destroyed our main building and caused damage to surrounding buildings and grounds.   We are grateful that no one was injured and that students received the supports needed from families, staff and the community.  Valley View was able to remain open during this time due to the support of the community and determination of students, families and staff who became “Valley View Strong”.  The average donation to our fire fund was $2,300.  We were also blessed with generous donations in the $10,000 – $50,000 range, as well as some extremely charitable gifts of $100,000 and $200,000. 


The focus of the past few years has been rebuilding our facilities, increasing enrollment and diligent continuation of programs.  Rebuilding of our Main Dorm and Recreation Hall, Doane House, Kitchen, Theater and surrounding grounds was completed, and students seamlessly moved into the new facilities.   All of this has been possible through the benevolence of our alumni, families and supporting community. 


We will be forever grateful for the tremendous support and generosity of alumni, families and the community who took on the mantra of “Valley View Strong”.


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