Residential Guidance for Boys


Fulvia Quilici-Matteucci, Ph. D.

Clinical Psychologist-Therapist

I started my collaboration with Valley View School as a consultant from the Harvard Medical School doing psychological testing with students. I enjoyed my experience and the school environment so much that I was thrilled when I was asked to join as adjunct staff psychologist. I have been serving the student community and their families with my services for the last eight years. My commitment is to helping boys attain their true potential. In doing so, I operate from a collaborative approach with families and the community of Valley View.


The school works as a prototype of community of which the students are the citizens, and staff is there to facilitate their full participation. The boys are confronted with learning to participate responsibly in order to enjoy the benefits. In such ideal challenging context, I work in helping the boy/citizen to work through the specific obstacle in the way of his full participation in the community. Possible obstacles may be constituted by learning disabilities, self-esteem issues, impulse control, and I enjoy working with different techniques and approaches according to the need. However, the unique strengths of this community, however, are: the strong and at the same time simplified structure of life, which helps everybody to follow clear and strong messages; and the high level of communication among all staff which leaves no space for manipulations, and other behaviors unaccounted for. As an experienced child psychologist, I can honestly say that these components are essential for outgrowing the challenges, which these boys bring with them to the school. Because of these elements I have been able to enjoy results with the boys and families I have worked with, that I could have not obtained in any other context.