Residential Guidance for Boys


Who We Are

Valley View is a small, private boarding school providing a year-round therapeutic environment for boys between the ages of ten and fifteen at enrollment, who are having difficulty coping with their family, the world around them, and themselves. While these boys are generally bright, healthy youngsters from diverse backgrounds, they all share a common experience: performing below their academic and social potential and behaving in a self-defeating manner.


Located a mile and a half from the rural, central Massachusetts town of North Brookfield, Valley View School provides an ideal setting for experiencing a wide variety of wholesome and stimulating activities. The property encompasses 215 acres of timberland and fields bordering the town reservoir.  The main building, a completely remodeled farm structure dating back to the 1830s, contains comfortable single, double, and triple dormitory rooms, a large dining room, and several lounges and recreational areas.


Other facilities of the school include educational 

resource/computer center, and creative arts studio. Athletic facilities include a full-court gymnasium and a multi-purpose athletic field. Most importantly, however, the school maintains a staff, equal in number to that of the students, to offer a comprehensive program integrating the range of services — educational, psychotherapeutic, medical, and recreational — necessary to achieve each youngster’s greatest individual potential.