Residential Guidance for Boys


COMMUNITY SERVICE Hearts for Heat 2017

For six years now, Brendan O’Neil has coordinated community service programming with Valley View School. Over this time period, students have been involved in a variety of very commendable acts of service including efforts made towards a local animal shelter, a few horse farms, a North Brookfield after school program for elementary school age students, a local produce farm, homeless shelters, several senior centers, several church food pantry efforts on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, and charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, Knights of Columbus, Socks for Siberia (a charitable organization raising funds for Russian orphans), and Hearts for Heat (a local charity event raising funds to subsidize heating costs for the poor). To this date, overall, students have contributed nearly 4000 hours of service through the programs that Brendan has coordinated with Valley View.  

This past weekend several boys attended the Hearts for Heat event held at the North Brookfield Elementary School as volunteer hosts to members of the community who attend in support of the organization’s charitable efforts.  Over the past 6 years our boys have developed an impressive reputation with Hearts for Heat as committed, respectable, and dependable contributors to the intentions of the event in the way of setup, coordination, and hosting efforts.