Residential Guidance for Boys


Summer Session

100_4238Valley View has a six-week summer session as part of its therapeutic program that includes many summer camp-type activities, as well as some academic requirements. The summer program is dynamic and includes a wide variety of daily activities including tennis, rocket building and launching, art projects, local history, rock climbing wall, archery, swimming, fishing, and Tai Chi martial arts. Many annual trips are included in the summer program including weekly mountain hikes, trips to the Boston Museum of Science, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Faneuil Hall & Freedom Trail, Prudential Center Observatory, and The New England Aquarium, along with many other exciting and engaging trips.


On an academic level, students participate in a one credit elective course, along with several other activities. They are required to read each day during a designated reading period with the goal of completing two books and passing Accelerated Reader (AR) tests on both books by the summer’s end. We also have math requirements for those students who either need extra time to complete their course work from the regular school year, or who might suffer setbacks if they did not practice math skills during the summer.


spring-2012-slideshow-123The summer session is either the beginning of the therapeutic process, or the continuation of it, depending on when a student begins with us. Historically, the summer has been when most students enroll, and this six week session allows for boys to assimilate into the environment, become accustomed to the routine and structure, and get to know the teachers, staff and students, without the stress of academic pressure. When boys have this experience, they find that moving into the academic year is easier and more comfortable. For boys already enrolled, the summer is a mandatory continuation of the therapeutic process, though there is some consideration for vacation flexibility for a youngster in his second year with us.