Residential Guidance for Boys


Dormitory Living

DSC00104Being a residential school, we believe it’s essential for students to live in a clean and comfortable setting. Valley View School has four separate dormitories, each with its own lounge area and bathroom facilities. The main dormitory is where the largest group of boys reside, and that is where all new students live initially.


Single, double and triple rooms are assigned to students based on age, interests, and specific needs. Two other dormitories house about ten boys each; and a dormitory for our younger students has a capacity for 12 boys in either single or double rooms.


Teachers and residential staff members are assigned to specific dormitories to supervise and help students with the daily routines of room organization. There are also overnight-awake staff in dormitories throughout the night time.


 DSC01516In deciding what living situation will be the most therapeutic for each boy, we consider his age, interests and specific needs. Many boys have never shared a bathroom with other family members, much less a bedroom, so learning to give and take, share, and deal with somebody else can be challenging.


On a daily basis, we work with students to learn to navigate these difficulties, with the expectation that the new living skills learned will translate into everyday life at Valley View, as well as life at home.


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