Residential Guidance for Boys



Team sports are an integral part of the Valley View experience. In the fall we offer Varsity Soccer and Cross Country running. During the winter we have Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball teams. In the spring we offer Varsity Tennis, Golf, and Ultimate Frisbee, along with a running club. All students are encouraged to participate in the athletic program.


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Valley View competes against other nearby boarding schools and several local public schools. We try as best as we can to have competitions that are equally matched so that our students and the opposing teams’ students get the most out of the event. At Valley View it is not just about winning – it’s about competing at your best and learning from the experience. Through athletics, students learn to take healthy risk, to work with others for a common purpose, to develop confidence in themselves and others, and to learn how to handle disappointment in a positive manner. The athletic program generates a sense of community among the boys, as they cheer each other on.


With our encouragement and support, many boys who were unable to have a successful experience with athletics in a larger school setting will have one at Valley View. We believe that this will help them with their personal growth immeasurably.


The Valley View Athletic program has been a success for a number of reasons: a supportive administration; dedicated and competent coaches; a staff that encourages students to get involved and participate; and most importantly, a student body that believes in what we are doing and that learns to believe in themselves.