Residential Guidance for Boys


Course Listing



MATH: Basic Math Pre-Algebra
  Algebra I Algebra II
  Geometry Math Essentials
ENGLISH: Elementary English 10th Grade World Literature
  6th Grade English British Literature
  7th Grade English  
  8th Grade English  
  9th Grade World Literature  
  American Literature  
SCIENCE: Elementary Science Intro to Science
  Intro to Life Science Life Science
  Physical Science Biology
  Earth/Environmental Science Chemistry
  Human Anatomy/Physiology  
HISTORY: Government/Economics U.S. Social Studies
  U.S. History I U.S. History II
  Ancient World History World History I
  Modern World History II World Geography
SPANISH: Spanish I Spanish II
FRENCH: French I French II
HEALTH/ART/COMPUTERS: Intro to Psychology Health
  Art Computer Science
ATHLETICS: Athletic Program Physical Education
ELECTIVES: Astronomy Current Events
  World Language Typing/Word Processing
  Documentaries Meteorology
  Finance Painting
CLUBS: Online Astronomy Landscaping
  Gardening Cooking
  Martial Arts Model Building
  Running Hiking
  Lego Architecture Gym Games
  Drumming Archery
  Fishing Crafts
  This Week in History How Things Work
  Table Tennis Brain Puzzles
  Lawn Games Board Games
  Writing Letters to the Troops