Residential Guidance for Boys


Career Explorations

DSC00122As often as possible, we seek out community-based learning experiences with two goals in mind: first, to supplement what the boys are learning in class; and second, to begin to give them ideas about their own careers. Examples have included a tour of a local radio station, where students met with technicians and DJ’s to learn about the media industry, a visit to nearby Old Sturbridge Village to witness a Revolutionary War re-enactment, a trip to the Worcester, Ma. Audubon Society for an encounter with live Owls, and a guided tour of a nearby air base to explore historical aircraft used in past military conflicts.


Valley View’s Experiential Education Coordinator works closely with our teachers to design these specific learning opportunities. The teachers will then create follow up assignments related to the community-based learning that further enhance the learning.


IMG_0586We also facilitate local trips to community businesses and professional environments in order to afford exposure to the students as they begin to formulate ideas about their own potential career interests.


While we understand that most students go through various stages of interest as they mature, we want to start the process early in order to have a more informed platform from which to draw on as they envision possibilities for themselves as they look ahead.