Residential Guidance for Boys


Brendan O’Neil, MSW

Assistant Director

I am excited to join the Valley View team after over fifteen years experience working with youth and families in therapeutic wilderness, residential, and young adult settings. I bring with me crucial skill sets garnered from working as a staff and manager in many leading program milieus, as well as MSW therapeutic experience in the residential and psychiatric fields. I believe that the ultimate therapy for budding youngsters is the opportunity to delve into new horizons with the aide and support of nurturing adult mentors. My mantra in this fashion of work has always been; “give me a fish – feed me for a day, teach me to fish – feed me for a lifetime.” It is through the paradigm of multifaceted experiential endeavors that individuals may begin to develop a sense of self worth, confidence, independence, and new passions for life. It is this passion that will ultimately serve to distinguish them as leaders, innovators, and active participants in the lives they set out to lead in their young adulthood and beyond. There is nothing greater than bearing witness to the blossoming of a dynamic, well rounded character. I am thrilled to work with your son as he embarks on this journey and look forward to joining you in greeting him on the other side.