Residential Guidance for Boys



Admission at Valley View is limited to boys between the ages of ten and fifteen who are of at least average intelligence, physically healthy, and capable of living in an open and “non-institutional” environment. We have found that we do not work well with those boys who appear seriously alienated, with histories of marked delinquency or drug involvement. Also, boys who have been diagnosed as overtly psychotic are unlikely to benefit from our program. Inquiries concerning the appropriateness of a boy’s candidacy should be made to the Director.


If, on the basis of initial exploration, a boy appears likely to benefit from our program, Valley View will request clinical summaries from professionals previously involved with the boy. All boys and their families are expected to make a personal visit to the school before a final decision on acceptance can be made.


Valley View accepts qualified students without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin. The fee for a twelve-month program is $88,000, billed quarterly. Financial assistance options may be available from an independent loan organization. These private loans can be used to cover part or all of the tuition.


Here is a link to the Valley View application form.