Residential Guidance for Boys


What We Do



Valley View provides a relaxed yet structured environment for adolescents who, for a variety of reasons, are not adjusting to life with their families or to a more traditional boarding school. Some of our boys have experienced problems with authority and are oppositional; others are unhappy and restless and possess great quantities of physical energy which they are unable to channel in meaningful ways. Other boys are overly lethargic, bored, or depressed. The majority of students have had difficulty dealing with traditional educational instruction and are behind in schoolwork. Many lack an awareness of the effect that their behavior has upon others and often seem to “not get it.” This is a phenomenon usually associated with the diagnostic picture of a non-verbal learning difficulty. Whatever the case, however, all have become a major source of frustration to their families.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABecause more traditional psychotherapeutic intervention has been ineffective for so many of the boys referred to us, we must first attempt to communicate with a youngster at his level of willingness rather than subscribe to any narrow theoretical model. An environment is provided which offers each boy the quality of human interaction and instruction necessary to develop a better feeling about himself, a greater sense of self-confidence, and an ability to interact with others in a more meaningful way.